A compass with a magnifying glass made of durable plastic. The set includes a cord and two carabiners.

Size: 13cm x 6cm

Material: plastic

Condition: NEW


A map compass or hiking compass or orienteering compass is a tool that helps you find the right direction on the terrain and on the map. This orienteering compass is made of transparent plastic, which is suitable for using on the map. The compass also has a magnifying glass, which enlarges small details and makes reading small symbols easier. The compass needle and needle gate are covered with fluorescent paint, which allows you to use the compass in the dark. The compass has a circular and triangular template for marking on the map. In addition, this hiking compass is equipped with a ruler and two different scales for easier distance measurement on the map. The compass has a hanging cord and several carabiners to prevent it from getting lost on the hike. Orienteering compass is a practical and fun tool that helps you find your way on the terrain and develops your spatial thinking.

How to orient yourself on the terrain using a compass? Using an orienteering compass and orienting yourself with it consists of the following steps:

  • Take the map and compass in your hand. Place the compass on the map so that the longer edge of the compass is parallel to the edge of the map.

  • Turn the map and compass together so that the red part of the compass needle is in the same direction as the north arrow on the map.

  • Now the map is oriented, i.e. in accordance with the terrain. Look at the map, where you are and where you want to go.

  • Choose your destination and place the longer edge of the compass on the map so that the edge of the compass passes through the destination and your location point as well.

  • Turn the rotating part of the compass so that the two-pointed needle gate is in the same direction as the red arrow (compass needle). The needle must remain between the two points.

  • Now the compass is set, i.e. it shows your direction of movement. You can take the compass off the map.

  • To move with a compass, hold it in front of you so that it is parallel to the ground and points away from you. Turn yourself with a compass so that the needle is back in a needle gate. When the compass needle is in the needle gate, then the  compass (its longest side) shows your direction of movement.

  • Move in this direction, watching for landmarks on the terrain and checking your location on the map from time to time.

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