FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

1 - Are there any discounts if I buy a larger quantity?

Yes, we can make discounts for larger quantities, ask for quote via email: info@thesigns24.com

2 - I entered a wrong address during the checkout process, what do I have to do now?

No problem, contact us immediately and we will fix your error.

3 - Do you manufacture custom made stickers?

Yes, of course. We can make any sticker according to customer's tastes and desires. The larger the quantity, the better will be the production costs for the customer. Buy stickers via our online store or ask for quote via email: info@thesigns24.com

4 - My order status tells me my order is delivered but i did not receive anything.

Usually there is no reason to worry. This happens with non traceable deliveries. We have asked estimated delivery times from postage providers and the status of your order was set to delivered according to the estimation provided. Actual delivery times may vary and this may be the cause of your situation. We are certain that you should receive your item soon.

5 - I made a purchase two days ago but still waiting for the invoice. Where is the invoice?

Two possibilities: either your mail server spam filter is too strict and our messages were sent directly to spam or you misspelled your email address. Please confirm that our emails are not among spam. If you cannot find any emails from us among junk emails, then please contact us and we will send you a new invoice. You can also see your invoices in our store's back-office, just login at the top of the screen.

6 - If the product description states that there are two stickers in the set and I want to buy 2 stickers, do I need to add 1 or 2 quantities to the cart?

The quantity can be 1, if there are two stickers in the set and you want two stickers. Quantity 1 means one set with two stickers.

7 - How long does it take to fulfill the orders?

It all depends on the job. We usually do most of simple works (eg boat numbers) within 1 or 2 business days. Larger and more complex works might take more time.