The terms and conditions apply to the Signs24 online store and products and services purchased from the Signs24 online store. Signs24 is a trademark of Transair OÜ (hereinafter the seller), also hereinafter Signs24 means the seller. Our terms and conditions are written in order to prevent fraud and misunderstandings.  Please do not use any services of Signs24 if you disagree with the conditions. You must accept the terms and conditions in order to buy from Signs24 online store. Signs24 may change the conditions without any prior notice. If you order after the disclosure of the changes you accept the changes.

Date of current terms and conditions: 18 June 2024

Contact and communication

For questions regarding products, service, orders, or data processing, please use the appropriate contact form in our shop or send an email to Also on working days we answer your calls on number +372 51 59 482. 

Data processing and confidentiality (GDPR)

Signs24 online store uses cookies for its operation. A cookie is a small text file that is stored on the visitor’s computer so that the computer can be recognized when returning to the online store. Thanks to this, it is possible to display, for example, an abandoned shopping cart to the visitor if the purchase was not completed for some reason and the browser closed prematurely. In addition, anonymous cookies are used for analytics, collecting statistics, and identifying error situations. By using the Signs24 online store, you agree to the use of cookies. If desired, you can delete stored cookies and disable cookie storage in your computer’s web browser settings (although the online store may not function correctly in that case).

All personal data of the buyer transmitted to the seller during the purchase process (such as name, phone number, address) are confidential. By entering data in the online store, the buyer grants the right to collect and process the buyer’s personal data and to transmit the buyer’s personal data to the person responsible for delivering the goods (e.g., postal or courier company) for the purpose of delivery. Buyer data is used only for completing sales transactions and improving buyer service. The seller does not create separate databases from buyer data or disclose them to parties unrelated to orders or their delivery.

The buyer has the right to request correction or deletion of data related to them. To do so, an application must be submitted to the email address provided in the previous section, in a way that allows the identity of the applicant to be verified.


All the information, images and elements reflected on the online store of Signs24 is the property of Transair OÜ or its partners. Commercial use of the content without a written permission is prohibited.

Product availability and prices

All products presented in the Signs24 e-shop are usually in stock. If the product is not in stock or there is a lack of material to complete the order, the seller can order the missing product(s) or material(s) within three working days. If Signs24 is unable to fulfill the order, the order will be cancelled (without penalties for the seller) and the money paid by the buyer will be returned to the buyer in full within 7 working days from the cancellation of the order. On such circumstances Signs24 will send a notification email to the address that the buyer entered when making the order. Signs24 is committed to ensure the accuracy of the prices and the buyer has the right to buy products with the price indicated at the moment of the purchase. Signs24 may change the prices without any prior notice.

Delivery of goods

All goods are dispatched from Tartu, Estonia. Buyers can choose between different transport methods. Possible methods of transport and prices are generated automatically and displayed during checkout. Goods are dispatched once the payment has been confirmed by Signs24. Signs24 is not responsible for the loss of the goods during transport if the buyer prefers untraceable shipping method. Please see the full transportation information in the online store for more information.

Order confirmation and fulfillment

When the buyer has completed the order checkout, an email confirming the order will be sent to the buyer. It will state the ordered product(s), the cost and details of the consignee. An invoice will be added to the email. If the order was rejected the buyer would also be notified by e-mail and the reason will be explained. All orders will be fulfilled after receiving the payment.


Signs24 accepts international payments by bank wire or with PayPal. The PayPal or bank information will be sent automatically during checkout. Signs24 does not accept payments in cash.

Order cancellation

The order can be canceled at any time until an e-mail informing the customer that the order has been posted has been sent to the customer. If the order is canceled, a credit slip will be issued to the buyer and the amount paid for the order will be refunded within 30 working days.

Orders paid via bank link or other intermediary will be refunded up to the total amount of the order, but transfer fees up to 5% may be deducted. We may reserve up to 15% of the total amount of the order or up to 50% of the total amount in the custom order to cover the costs related to the execution of the order if the order is partially completed by the time of cancellation.


Products purchased from Signs24 can be returned within 14 days after receipt of the goods by the customer. The goods must be returned in exactly the same condition as they were received (without damage, scratches, unused). Customized products cannot be returned. The invoice and order number must be attached to the returned product(s).

When the product has returned to the Signs24 office, the condition of the product will be checked and the amount spent on the product will be returned within 30 working days, including postage paid for the order, if the product meets the conditions set above. If the order is returned partially, the originally paid postage will not be refunded.

Signs24 may retain up to 5% of the order amount to cover the costs of the payment service, if the order was paid via a bank link or other payment service provider. Return costs are covered by the buyer and not refunded by the seller. Please contact us immediately if you want to return a product. If the product is returned without prior consultation with us, we reserve the right to refuse to accept the product and / or refund the money.

Buyer warrants

The buyer guarantees the accuracy of the information provided when ordering. All addresses must be accurate and correct to avoid loss of goods during transport or other disruptions. Complaints arising from incorrect or inaccurate data provided by the buyer shall not be satisfied by Signs24 and all additional costs shall be covered by the buyer.

Our warranty

A private customer has the right to submit complaints regarding the quality of the product within 2 years from the receipt of the order, legal entity customers up to 1 year from the receipt of the order. Signs24 reserves the right to request additional information about product-related problems and their occurrence.

If all installation and maintenance procedures were followed and the film graphics are damaged during the warranty period in such way as breakage, cracking, peeling, peeling or significant fading, the customer has the right to request a free repair or a replacement with an equivalent product. The warranty is valid if the product defect is not caused by improper use, incorrect maintenance, mechanical damage or errors in installation procedures. Normal wear and tear cannot be considered as a defect.

If Signs24 is unable to repair or offer the exact same product as a replacement, the seller will try to find alternative solutions or return the money spent on the product. The warranty for a replacement product or repair is valid until the end of the warranty period of the original product.

If the seller and the buyer cannot agree on the circumstances of the product defects, then during the first six months the seller and the rest of the period the buyer is obliged to prove whether the defects are manufacturer or user based. User-based defects are eliminated at the expense of the buyer.

Shopping security

Signs24 places a great importance on maintaining the security of the information that the buyer provides. The entire payment process initiated from the e-store goes through encrypted channels to payment providers and they are secure for the buyer.

Liability and Force majeure

Signs24 and the buyer shall be liable to each other for the damage caused by the violation of these terms and conditions in the cases and to the extent provided by the legislation in force in the Republic of Estonia. Signs24 is not liable for any errors, which may affect the timely delivery or the quality of the goods, if these errors are caused by events or circumstances which cannot be foreseen or affected by Signs24. The seller is not liable for the fulfillment or non-fulfillment of the obligations to third parties taken by the buyer.

Law and settlement of disagreements

Signs24 follows the laws of the Republic of Estonia. Any disagreements between the buyer and Signs24 will be first attempted to be solved by an agreement. If no agreement is reached the disputes shall be resolved before the courts of the Republic of Estonia.