There are a variety of transportation methods available in our shop and we send our products all over the world! Products will be dispatched generally within 24 hours after receipt of payment.

Transportation methods and prices will be automatically generated according to the weight and dimensions of the goods and the address of the consignee. Shipping methods are displayed and can be chosen during the checkout process. Untraceable shipping methods are cheaper than traceable shipping methods and are usually preferred by buyers. Please keep in mind that the buyer takes the responsibility of any loss of goods if choosing untraceable mail.

The system we use does not allow to combine postage costs of two different orders. We recommend you to place all products in one cart. The system generates then a single postage cost and delivery slip and we can send all products in a single package. Eventually, this way you will save postage costs.

We send our products in reused packages by default. This way we save the environment.

A short overview of available shipping methods:


Estonian Post Economy Mail, Signed Mail and Standard Parcel

1-2 days to arrive in Estonia, 7 to 30 days around the world

Prices start from 1€.

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Cargobus logoCargobus parcel services between Estonian cities

Recieve items in local Cargobus terminal within few hours!

                                                     Fixed price: 5€

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Additional transporatation methods may be added over time.