Onetime Adhesive Vinyl Stencil With Custom Design
  • Onetime Adhesive Vinyl Stencil With Custom Design

Low Tack Vinyl Stencil With Custom Design


Self adhesive stencils offer very precise and detailed stencil paintings and the parts of the stencil do not need to be connected to each other (no bridges etc) and they may be much smaller than with regular carton stencils. Self adhesive vinyl stencils cannot be used on rough substrates or reused after application. See the detailed description below for more information. NB! The size selected below indicates the size of the piece on which the stencil is cut, not the dimensions of the image itself! Write the dimensions of the image in the product customization tab.

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Self Adhesive Vinyl Stencils With Custom Design

We manufacture adhesive vinyl stencils according to the buyer's design. Stencils facilitate the application of complex ornaments. Adhesive stencils are generally easier to use than cardboard stencils. With adhesive stencils, the different parts of the image do not need to be connected to each other, and it is also not a problem to cut smaller, more complex images.

We make adhesive vinyl stencils by cutting them from a 60cm wide roll using a plotter. The bottom of the vinyl is covered with a gentle adhesive that attaches the stencil to the surface for painting. When ordering adhesive stencils, keep in mind that the surface must be smooth and the adhesive stencil can usually not be used more than once. The parts of the cut-out images should not be small (less than 1cm), otherwise there is a high risk that the cutter will break the stencil. This product is not meant for producing large amounts of small stencils (with similar design). It is suitable to fit up to 2 similar designs on one tile.

When designing patterns for a reusable stencil, keep in mind that the cut-out design should be slightly smaller than the width of the material on the roll. The stencil material comes in a 60cm roll, and the recommended height or width of the image is 50cm.

We offer adhesive stencils in two sizes: 420 x 600mm and a running meter of 600mm from the roll. The selected size indicates the maximum size of the stencil, the image can always be smaller. If you want a stencil larger than 1 meter, increase the quantity: for example, for a 2-meter-long stencil, the quantity should be 2 and the size selected 1 meter.

When ordering, add the stencil design to the product modification before placing it in the shopping cart or send the design after placing the order to the email address You can find stencil design samples by googling the phrase "stencil designs".

See how to use self adhesive stencils:


Please add your design the product customization tab before adding to cart. Or send your design via email to after submitting your order. You will find a lot of design ideas when you google stencil designs. If you need larger quantities, then ask for quote via email.

We accept designs as vectors (SVG, EPS; PDF, AI) and as raster images (JPG, TIFF, GIF, PNG and others). If you send us a raster design, then please make sure it is at least 300dpi.

Data sheet

Application Temperature:
Application Surface:
smooth, straight, slightly curved
Underlying Material:
glass, plastic, acrylic, aluminum and other metal surfaces, PVC, painted surfaces, paper

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