Carton Stencil With Custom Design
  • Carton Stencil With Custom Design
  • Reusable Stencil With Custom Design
  • Reusable Stencil With Custom Design

Reusable Stencil With Custom Design


It makes sense to use reusable stencils if the installation of the sticker proves impossible (e.g. a rough surface) or if a longer-lasting result is desired than is possible with a sticker. A reusable stencil, unlike an adhesive stencil, can be used multiple times, but there are special requirements for reusable stencil design. See the longer description below for more details. NB! The size you choose below represents the size of the piece to cut the stencil on, not the size of the image itself! Write the dimensions of the image in the product customization tab.

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Custom Made Reusable Stencils

Stencils are particularly essential when drawing repetitive ornaments, stencils make it a lot easier to draw complex ornaments onto walls, floors or furniture. We make reusable stencils from 60 cm roll. The material of the reusable stencil is exactly the same as the self adhesive stencil we make (it is a special self adhesive stencil film on the backing paper), but for the reusable stencil, we cut through the whole material, not just through the top film, and the stencil is used together with the backing paper.

A reusable stencil does not allow for very detailed designs, and the designs themselves must be stencil-friendly, we will write more about this a few lines below.

We offer stencils in two sizes: 420 x 600mm and a 600mm roll with a running meter. The selected size represents the maximum size of the stencil, the image can always be smaller. If you want stencils longer than 1 meter, increase the quantity: for example, for a 2m stencil, the quantity should be 2.

When designing reusable stencil patterns, you should keep in mind that the shape to be cut out image should be slightly smaller than the width of the material in the roll. The stencil material comes in a 60cm roll, the recommended height or width of the image is a maximum of 50cm.

Also, in the case of reusable stencils, it should be taken into account that all design elements should be connected to each other (e.g. the content of the letter O will be lost if it is not tied to the surroundings of the letter O) and the elements of the image to be cut should not be too thin (the minimum thickness should be 1 cm), otherwise it will fall apart the template breaks down quite quickly during use or, in the worst case, already during cutting.

When ordering, please save the stencil design work file under product customization before selecting the stencil size and placing it in the cart, or email the design work file to after completing your purchase.

To make a template, we are waiting for files in both vector (SVG, EPS, PDF and AI) and raster (JPG; TIFF; GIF; PNG, etc.) formats. In the case of a raster image, the print density of the image should be at least 300dpi. The color in the file is not directly important, because we only need the contours of the image to make a stencil from the image, but if possible, we recommend making the files black and white, because the contrast of these tones is the greatest. We may not be able to get contours from shades that are too light. Nb! A photo of a design is not a usabe work file.

Data sheet

Application Surface:
smooth, straight, slightly curved
Underlying Material:
glass, plastic, acrylic, aluminum and other metal surfaces, PVC, painted surfaces, paper

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