Staircase number template, staircase number stencil for an apartment building or office building


We make stairwell numbers as a single-use self-adhesive templates or as regular reusable templates. The stencil or number template for an apartment building or office building stairway is made by default in the style shown in the picture, customers can also offer own style if desired. Longer product description can be read below.
To order stairwell number templates or stencils, fill in the fields below, select the parameters for the stairwell number templates and add it to the shopping cart.

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  • 250 char. max
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We make high-quality stairway number templates for apartment buildings or office buildings upon request. By default, the staircase number is in a predefined style, which can be seen in the sample image; if desired, the design of the staircase number can be made more suitable for the buyer. Staircase number templates can be ordered from a height of 70mm, the width should be according to the height of the letter. If desired, you can enter a width limitation in the details field in the product customization tab.

We offer two types of stairwell number templates: a regular reusable stencil and an self adhesive staircase number template.

The self adhesive stencil can be used for very precise and detailed work, compared to the regular reusable stencil, the parts do not have to be joined together, but to use the adhesive stencil, the substrate should be smooth so that the stencil adheres to the substrate during painting. The underside of the self adhesive vinyl stencil is covered with an adhesive, which is used to attach the stencil to the substrate during painting.

Contrary to self adhesive stencils, reusable stairwell number templates can be used on very rough surfaces, but the reusable template does not allow detailed designs and the designs must be template-friendly (all parts of the image must be over 1cm thick and connected to the outside, otherwise they will disappear). The material of the reusable stencil is exactly the same as that we use to make self adhesive stencils, but in the case of a reusable stencil we cut through the whole material, not just the top self adhesive film.

To purchase, write the text of your stairwell numbers in the product modification (above the product description) and save it. Then select other staircase number template parameters such as staircase number size, quantity and then add to cart. If you want to buy several stairwell number templates with different styles, then they must be added to the shopping cart separately. After adding the template for the first staircase number to the shopping cart, save the text of the next staircase number and other details under the customization tab, then select other parameters for the new stairway template and add it to the cart.

We offer a volume discount for stairwell number templates. The more stairwell number templates you order at a time, the cheaper the price of one stairwell number template will be. The numbers of the stairwell to be ordered do not have to be the same, only the quantity in the shopping cart is important.

Staircase numbers are made in the EU.

Data sheet

Outdoors durability:
up to 7 years
Operating Temperature:
-40°C.. +80°C
Application Temperature:
90...100 microm.
Application Surface:
smooth, straight, slightly curved
Underlying Material:
glass, plastic, acrylic, aluminum and other metal surfaces, PVC, painted surfaces, paper
transparent pressure sensitive permanent adhesive, leaves no traces
3M/ Avery/ Metamark
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