Loyality Awards

Now there are more reasons why to buy as a registered customer. Registered customers, in addition of not having to type own address each time when making a purchase, now also earn bonus points, which can save money or enable to buy even free. See more how it works...

Loyality Points - What?

Every time you buy as a registered customer you earn points from the purchase amount (postage excluded) with a ratio of 10€ = 1 point. Earned points can be converted into vouchers that can be used to pay for further purchases. When converting points into vouchers, one point equals 1€.

For example: Buy for total 84€ and earn 8 points, which you can convert into a voucher with a value of 8€. 

Managing loyality points - vouchers

To keep track of earned points and redeem vouchers, you have to log in at the top of the store with an email address and a password you entered during the registration. You will be redirected to the admin panel after logging in, otherwise, if you are not redirected, you will have to click on your name at the top of the page. In the admin panel there is a section called My Loyality Points and there you can review earned and pending points and convert earned points into vouchers.
The next time you are shopping you can save your voucher code into the corresponding field in the shopping cart and your voucher value will be calculated off from the final price.

Additional Provisions

1. If the value of the purchase does not earn an even value of points, then the amount of earned points will be reduced to first even number.
For example: 3.76 -> 3 points

2. The price difference will not be returned if the value of the voucher exceeds the total value of the shopping cart.

3. Loyality vouchers can be used only by the customer it was issued to.

4. Points are awarded when the status of the order is set to delivered.

5. returned or cancelled.

6. Loyality points are not available for Instant Checkout orders.